Design Assist

The success of every project is a direct outcome of the robustness of the design assist phase. The most crucial design and cost decisions are made here, where we adapt our high-performance NHF curtainwall chassis to the architect’s design. From that strong start, we provide conceptual budgets at key design milestones and offer cost-related ideas each step of the way.

NHF’s custom louver replaced ~30,000sf of expensive insulated louvers with a standard-depth infill at a fraction of the cost and no negative impact to performance or aesthetics.

NHF worked with PPG to create a custom powdercoat for corner nodal shapes at 55 Hudson Yards that simulates wrought iron without much more expensive hand or machine finishing.

NHF invented a method to make 80% of curtainwall modules repeatable for the shape-morphing 15 Hudson Yards, making Diller + Scofidio’s highly complex tower design achievable within budget.

At 35 Hudson Yards, NHF worked closely with SOM to produce a flat wall design with projecting stone fins while maintaining minimal depth from the face of the glass to inside back of mullion.

Concepts & Engineering

New Hudson Facades has built a design and engineering group that’s explorative to its core—our culture captures the interest of the most talented people at the university and professional levels because we work on the most exciting and complicated buildings being created today. Explore our Careers.

This best of the best talent revels in the complex geometries, specialized materials and cladding systems, and most technically advanced engineering and modeling software required to deliver for our world-class clients. With multi-disciplinary skills and knowledge including system design, structural engineering, building physics, BIM modeling and 3D visualization, and testing, our teams can take any so-called crazy idea and make it look easy to achieve.

NHF creates customized, fully-engineered, project-specific profiles with proven system performance.

3D rendering of the icebergs-inspired facade for Burbank Studios in Los Angeles.

A 3D visual mock-up of a 4-way stack joint for one of our projects.

NHF’s full-time engineering teams are licensed structural engineers and professional engineers in all major markets, experienced in all architectural materials and analysis software platforms.


Almost no New Hudson Facades projects involve simple repetitive elements and so our manufacturing teams operate at an intensely creative and quality-driven level. We combine automated assembly and robotic glazing/inventory management with highly-skilled-operator-led CNC fabrication and assembly technologies to get the best of human and machine abilities.

Over 170 shop personnel, 12 full-time QC staff, a dedicated safety manager and a 15-person safety committee are the heart of our five assembly lines. We work smart and safely to produce over 400 units per week with a total potential capacity of 1M square feet—New Hudson Facades clients know they can depend on us to keep their projects moving.

NHF employs 170 shop personnel (here, pre-assembling a mullion at the start of production) and continuous quality control with 12 full-time QC personnel.

Four automated assembly lines, with ergonomic lifting devices for safety, comprise the production hub of NHF’s factory that scales up and down to satisfy project demands.

NHF invests in methods to maximize the dependability of our production, like automated conveyors that advance individual facades through each phase of assembly.

NHF’s 180,000 sq-ft manufacturing facility has the most advanced technology in the curtainwall industry, producing over 400 units per week of varying typologies.

Quality control provides a safeguard that manufacturing and testing standards comply with industry standards like AAMA and ASTM and protect against manufacturing defects.

Hundreds of parts go into each NHF custom facade assembly, meaning that tens of thousands of components travel into our shop, through machining and finishing, and off to project sites each week.

Installation/Site Work

For New Hudson Facades, incredible buildings start at the design assist phase when we are considering means and methods in concept design and engineering. NHF’s site managers engage with design teams and the GC’s manager early and often to discuss and provide input to trucking and loading dock logistics, material hoisting, equipment requirements, and coordination/sequencing with other trades.

Our clients have been known to ask why we’re thinking so far ahead, but once we’re solving on-site problems before they start, they definitely get it.

Installation of the storefront façade, requiring deft handling of some of the largest glass in North America.

NHF remains responsible for the installation of our product; we deliver to the site, install, troubleshoot, test and verify all products that we design and manufacture.

We have Project Mangers located close to our job sites to continuously monitor and coordinate daily work with our installers.

Our commitment to safety ranges from our factory to the site; NHF goes above and beyond core OSHA compliance.

Field safety is highly important to the NHF team. We always want to ensure we are keeping everyone safe while getting the job done.