Research & Development

NHF continues to push the boundaries in all areas of the facade business, including system design, manufacturing, testing, and installation. Unrivaled skill and the pursuit of excellence guides us to forefront of architectural innovation.

Test Chamber:

Our in-house curtainwall test chamber is the largest free-standing indoor test chamber in the United States, blasting a curtainwall unit with up to 600 gallons of water per hour and 125 pounds per sq-ft of pressure to simulate any environmental condition that might cause leakage, damage or malfunction.

Cold-Warped Glass Testing For 15 Hudson Yards:

The mechanics of cold warped glass involve the utilization of structural silicone to transfer an elastic deformation into the glass infill. The method of warping being used is called out-of-plane displacement of the 4th corner. The panels are fabricated in the factory as typical flat panels. These panels can be fabricated in shapes other than rectangles to account for the eventual induced curvature of the finished product.

Cold-Warped Operable Vent Testing For 15 Hudson Yards:

An operability test was conducted to confirm the function of the vent at a warped condition. Operability is defined as: opening with no interference between the frame or sash, closing where sash is securely closed and rollers are engaged with keep, alignment where there is no noticeable racking, handle opens from the inside sash, and vent handle opens and closes with reasonable ease.

Aluminum Castings for 55 Hudson Yards:

For 55 Hudson Yards KPF detailed the exterior features as a stepped extrusion that transitions from vertical to horizontal using curved corner nodes. NHF devised a way to create these corner nodal shapes from aluminum castings, as opposed to other more costly fabrication techniques like built-up welded plates or a combination of stretch formed extrusions.

Molded Gaskets For 35 Hudson Yards Stone:

Thermoplastic Glazing Blades For 55 & 15 Hudson Yards: