The manufacturing capabilities at NHF include the integration of highly automated production engineering processes with industry leading CNC fabrication and assembly technologies. Using state of the art equipment and technology, the various manufacturing processes and departments (QC/QA, inventory management, logistics, procurement, shipping & receiving, machining, and assembly) are fully integrated. Our facility operates with modern CNC equipment, specialized inventory systems, and automated assembly lines with robotic glazing equipment.

Manufacturing Facility Capacity:

Our 180,000 sq-ft manufacturing facility is equipped with the industry’s most advanced technology. With four automated assembly lines and a specialty line we produce over 400 units per week of varying typologies. We have 170 shop personnel and continuous quality control with 12 full-time QC personnel. We have a full-time dedicated safety manager with a 15 member safety committee. And we are located in suburban Philadelphia.

Manufacturing Workflow:

Our manufacturing processes are fully integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP).

Quality Control & Quality Assurance:

Quality Control ensures that manufacturing and testing standards are maintained and comply with current industry standards (AAMA, ASTM, etc.). Quality Assurance develops inspection and auditing procedures to protect against manufacturing defects. Together, these teams assure the facades produced in our factory are of the highest quality in the industry.

Inventory Management:

Hundreds of individual parts construct each unitized facade assembly, making for tens of thousands of components that travel from our dock, through machining, into assembly, and out the door per week. Advanced automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) manage each component as it walks the factory through consumption in the facades. Inventory management personnel maintain the rhythm and control of these movements to support facade production.

Bar stock storage & retrieval

Mezzanine storage & retrieval

Small parts and pieces storage & retrieval


The machine shop produces thousands of custom engineered facade components per day from the most advanced CNC machining centers in the industry. Additional fully automated machining centers, manual mills, and saws also support the hundreds of routing paths available in the shop. Through the diversity of the shop’s machining capabilities we are able to meet ever-increasing assembly demands in-house.

Automated Robotics:

Custom robotics standardize the administration of both structural and weatherseal silicone to ensure the highest quality of silicone application, the most important condition in the facade assembly. Likewise, the automated glass station allows for accelerated cleaning and comprehensive inspection prior to installation in the facade at assembly.

Silicone sealant robot

Glass cleaning & inspection


Five assembly lines comprise the production hub of the factory to continually satisfy site facade demands. Ergonomic lifting devices accompany the lines to equip assembly personnel with the tools to safely reach production goals. Automated conveyors advance individual facades through each phase of assembly to maximize dependability of production output.

Modern manufacturing technology meets industry-tested design expertise.