Design & Engineering

NHF has developed its design department to be explorative by nature. Since our start, we have challenged convention through a collaborative pursuit for innovation that is competitive and unique in the market place. When we set out to establish our design philosophy, we had the unique advantage of a proven track record of industry experience and the opportunity to create something completely unprecedented.

Design & Engineering Teams:

Our technical teams have project experience with complex geometries, a variety of specialized materials and cladding systems, and the use of the most technically advanced engineering and modeling software. These teams are comprised of individuals who have multi-disciplinary skills and knowledge including system design, structural engineering, building physics, BIM modeling and 3D visualization, and testing.

Engineering Workflow:

System Design:

We offer fully customized, fully engineered, project-specific profiles, all with proven system performance.

Structural Analysis:

Our full-time in-house structural engineers are licensed SE & PE in all major markets. They are experienced in a wide variety of materials ranging from aluminum, glass, steel, stone & concrete. All using a full suite of engineering analysis software, which provides a direct link to drafters and conceptual designers.

Thermal Analysis:

We offer in-house thermal modeling & analysis, including Therm – NFRC 100/200/500 compliant modeling. We provide iterative U-Factor and condensation analysis in the conceptual design phase, and assistance in determining reasonable overall project energy goals, LEED targets and local jurisdiction incentive program requirements – NYSERDA.

Production Modeling:

Using industry leading software our technical teams model the varying unit typologies including height, width, shadowbox, vent, features, and window washing track. The bill of materials is finalized including non-modeled parts like gaskets, sealant, tape, and foam. Collision detection is used to check the curtainwall, anchors, structure, and HVAC.

Performance Mock-Ups:

Performance mock-ups are the first major engineering activity on any project. NHF has successfully completed testing on a dozen performance mock-ups using an independent laboratory since 2015 (ATI – York, PA). We have ssuccessfully tested acoustic mock-ups which comply with NYC OER requirements. As well as collaborative project-specific AAMA curtainwall window testing with preferred vendors.

If our initial design approach does not perfectly suit your project, we will shift to new ways of thinking to deliver a fa├žade solution that will become the DNA of your vision.