Construction Management

As a project matures from pre-construction to production, our in-house construction management team works closely with our in-house procurement, purchasing, and production planning teams to schedule production, procure materials, and plan factory work-flow in real-time. While at the same time, they are attending project construction meetings, liaising between NHF engineering and project design teams to secure drawing approvals, and organizing site logistics with construction managers and owners.

Project Management:

The majority of our project managers are collocated with our factory personnel, so lost time and miscommunication is minimized. Our PM’s intimately understand the challenges that are inherent in the manufacturing of a custom, engineered-to-order product because they experience it firsthand every day. We also have PM’s located close to our job sites to continuously monitor and coordinate daily work with our installers. Our PM’s have a broad range of experience, from former tenures as façade consultants to job-site captains on high-rises from San Francisco to Shanghai, their experience spans decades and stretches over several continents.


NHF provides in-house project specific crating design and engineering. All crating designs and project logistics are discussed with installers early in the engineering phases to maximize field efficiency and safety.


NHF provides installation services for all products that are designed and manufactured.

Safety Program Platform:

NHF complies with all aspects of the OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP Program). This program is above and beyond from being OSHA compliant.

Factory Safety:

Field Safety: