1500 Mission Street was New Hudson Facade’s first project on the West Coast.

“For New Hudson Facades, it’s a story of adapt, adapt, adapt for our clients no matter the situation,” relates an NHF project manager. From building during a pandemic to a tricky lighting system to rail shipping, NHF figured it all out. The city of San Francisco Planning, Building and Public Works Departments moved to a new 460,000-square foot, 16 story headquarters building on Mission Street in 2021.

A significant challenge was the integrated electrochromic glass system. There were more than 2,000 exterior panels providing both shading and a subtle glow to the building. If one panel didn’t work, the whole system didn’t work, so New Hudson Facades created a rigorous five-point quality process to verify each panel was operational upon arrival, staging, and installation.

Another highlight of the building is a massive graphic of the city’s official seal at the street level, created in collaboration with a local graphic designer. Placing this element between the glass panels required precision planning and fabrication since every detail is visible at eye level.

1500 Mission St,
San Francisco, CA 94103

Facade Area176,040 sq-ft

Height220 ft